Our Favourite Merchants

Our relationship with a wine merchant is driven by his or her brilliance in its own area.  We love talking to them and drinking with them.  Most of them sell to the public so do visit their websites.

Astrum Winecellars
Thorman Hunt
Fingal Rock Wines
Bat & Bottle
Indigo Wine
Raymond Reynolds
Wine Barn

We buy directly from Monmouth winemakers Richard and David Morris of Ancre Hill who make brilliant pinks, sparklers and Pinot Noir.

Whimsy on wine

The myth: 
a restaurant which says it spends much time choosing its wine list.

The truth:
one merchant will supply all of their wine and will sometimes write their list for them.

To justify a mark up (or, rather, because we love it) we try to make wine an area where we are radically better.  We want our guests to discover new wines and wine areas.


  • We taste with a handful of merchants, each regionally specialised, the only way to achieve variety and quality.
  • We have 4 or 5 people who take part in these regular tastings: it is not seen as the droit de proprietaire. Sadly.
  • Most of us have taken wine exams. This doesn't mean we know more than our guests, but we can help and should know the wines we list.
  • We offer up to about 20 wines by 125ml and 175ml glass sizes and, even better, by the carafe.
  • We have always limited the profit we make on better wines so that all wines on our list are more affordable. 

Bottle Shop/Wine Suppers

The wines you see on our list are very rarely seen in shops. In fact, if we see one of our wines in a supermarket, we usually delist it.

So if you've liked what you've drunk, we'll sell you wine at a reasonable price, usually just our cost price plus a pound or two of mark-up. Brilliant if you’re staying nearby.

Email us here for details.  We're also considering allocating an evening a week for you to bring your own bottle to supper.  Let us know what you think.

And if you'd like to be kept in touch with any wine suppers or tastings, do drop us an email here.

Typical Open Whites

(all by glass and carafe)

Vinho Verde 2012
Quinta do Raza, Portugal


VDP des Cotes de Gascogne 2010

Domaine du Sedouprat, Gascony


Fiano 2012
Mezzogiorno, Puglia, Italy


Kerner Clasico 2012
Abbazia di Novacella, Alto Adige, Italy 


Bordeaux Blanc 2011
Château de Rouquette, France


Grillo, Catarratto 2011
Centopasssi, Sicily


Viognier 2012
Château de la Bastide, SW France



Toh Friulano 2012
di Lenardo, Friuli, Italy


Typical Open Reds

(all by glass and carafe)

Nero d'Avola 2012
Mezzogiorno, Puglia, Italy



Malbec 2011
Durou et Fils, Cahors



Tempranillo 2012
Biberius, Ribera del Duero



Côtes de Castillon 2012
Ch. Laussac, Bordeaux



Zweigelt 2011
Johanneshof Reinisch, Austria



Barbera d'Alba 2011
Ettore Germano, Piedmont



Phigaia 2008
Serafini & Vidotto, Veneto



Côtes de Ventoux 2011
Martinelle, SW France


"Like everything else here, it's idiosyncratic and first rate"
Brian St. Pierre, Decanter, July 2009 

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